Local Support

Laval Technologies provides logistics support to companies in North America and Europe. Apart from connecting local companies with Middle Eastern markets, we also provide a range of local support services including logistics, planning, as well as technological support. All our services are geared towards local companies from the following industries: Electrical, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Water Treatment, Medical and Pharmaceutical


Effective intercultural dialogue is essential to the success of any project that transcends borders. Without uninterrupted, two-way communication, you may find it challenging to leverage technology, manpower and other project resources. Laval, in partnership with professional training providers based out of Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, enables smooth business communications that merge local content with international requirements seamlessly. Regardless of the nature of your business venture in the concerned Middle Eastern country, we can provide a training program tailored perfectly to your requirements.

Consultation & Advice

The Middle East, Iraq in particular, is fast becoming a rewarding market for foreign companies. Having said that, doing business here comes with its own set of complexities. The post-conflict scenario also calls for careful planning before moving forward with your technology or industrial projects. Here where LAVAL Technologies & Industrial Supplies Inc. comes in. We provide professional consultation and advice to North American companies looking to explore business ventures in Middle Eastern countries.

Import & Export Facilitation

Trade facilitation looks at how procedures and controls governing the movement of goods across national borders can be improved to reduce associated cost burdens and maximise efficiency while safeguarding legitimate regulatory objectives.

Business costs may be a direct function of collecting information and submitting declarations or an indirect consequence of border checks in the form of delays and associated time penalties, forgone business opportunities and reduced competitiveness.

Learn more on how we can help you control your import and export costs.

Contract Execution & Implementation

Laval Technologies & Industrial Supplies Inc. offers contractual execution as well as implementation solutions to European and North American companies expanding their horizons to the Middle Eastern markets. To further your goals of business and development in the lucrative markets of the Middle East, we offer quick, robust, affordable and result-oriented implementation solutions for your company. We use our resources and state of the art technologies to provide you access to lucrative business opportunities in the Middle Eastern markets.

Logistics Support

Laval Technologies & Industrial Supplies Inc. offers a wide range of logistics support services for companies all over the North American continent. Our logistics support includes coordination, planning and procurement of shipment around the Middle Eastern regions. Working with international governments as well as airport and seaport authorities, we offer your resourceful, affordable and reliable logistics support for your shipment, whether products, supplies or people.

Project Management

A well planned, managed and executed project delivers the desired outcomes and benefits to your organization and its stakeholders. For many North American companies seeking to extract the wealth of business opportunities the Middle East provides, Laval Technologies & Industrial Supplies Inc. is the partner of choice for results-driven project management. Project management encompasses many areas and skills. We can help you with various project interdependencies for informed decision making and successful execution.

Feasibility Studies

When you invest your dollars, time and effort into a Middle Eastern project, you want to validate – from the outset – that you are making sound decisions that will deliver the expected value. A feasibility study is a reliable way to ascertain if the business idea in your head will actually meet expectations when put into motion. Laval Technologies and Industrial Supplies, Inc. can conduct a feasibility study that enables you to green-light a project confidently, put it on the shelf for an opportune time in the future, or scrap it entirely.