Effective intercultural dialogue is essential to the success of any project that transcends borders. Without uninterrupted, two-way communication, you may find it challenging to leverage technology, manpower and other project resources. Laval, in partnership with professional training providers based out of Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, enables smooth business communications that merge local content with international requirements seamlessly. Regardless of the nature of your business venture in the concerned Middle Eastern country, we can provide a training program tailored perfectly to your requirements.

Our partner trainers

Laval has partnered with companies that have years of experience providing training to businesses and educational institutions. They understand and value the importance of constructive, disruption-free dialogue in sharing ideas, getting tasks done, addressing problems and ensuring that all business participants are on the same page.

A project of international scale necessitates quick and accurate communication of technology updates, governance obligations, safety information and much more. We facilitate precisely this, to enable English and Middle Eastern business participants to work in harmony. At no point will you feel inconvenienced by the language barrier, and always find support when you need to communicate a matter of urgent importance or even just thank a local worker for a job well done.

How the training program works

Our partner companies follow a well-defined training sequence, which incorporates four important aspects – knowledge, preparation, selection criteria and planning. Training instructors have language fluency and an innate awareness of local idiosyncrasies. They are experienced, technology-savvy professionals with a strong track record and proven capability of executing projects successfully.

Our training programs are customized to meet your unique requirements. While the fundamentals remain intact, we tweak the delivery methods to address the requested needs flawlessly. The best trainees for the job are identified, in consultation with you – this is crucial to the successful deployment of the training program.

In the planning stage, the selected individuals undergo training in different areas of requirement. These include:

  • English language
  • IT and ICDL
  • Accounting
  • Drilling engineering and optimization
  • Risk assessment
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Welding techniques
  • Drilling engineering and optimization, and more

Our on-job training solutions address both the soft and technical elements of your project and drive it towards success.

Talk to us

If you want to understand our training services in detail or need any clarifications about our training programs, please feel free to call us or contact us online.