Local Support

Laval Technologies provides logistics support to companies in North America and Europe. Apart from connecting local companies with Middle Eastern markets, we also provide a range of local support services including logistics, planning, as well as technological support. All our services are geared towards local companies from the following industries:

  • Electrical
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Water Treatment
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical

Headquartered in Canada, Laval Technologies & Industrial Supplies caters to several needs of North American companies that are looking to expand to the Middle East.

Our Local Support Services

Our services are not limited to international logistics; we provide local logistics support to companies in North America. We use our technological resources and business partnerships to provide local companies with access to international markets as well as local support. Our range of local support services mainly includes:

  • Procurement logistics
  • Life support services
  • Training

Apart from a prominent presence in Middle Eastern countries like Jordan, UAE and Iraq, our services are geared at improving business relationships within North America. Owing to the years of experienced accumulated in dealing with foreign governments and matching their quality requirements, we are known for our quick initiation and successful execution of operations that benefit our clients from North American and the Middle Eastern countries.

Why Should You Choose Laval Technologies?

Laval Technologies offers comprehensive and all-inclusive support for companies expanding to the Middle East with reliable services for shipment transportation, life support as well as training. Additionally, there are many reasons for you to choose Laval Technologies to handle your company’s ventures.

  • Our international presence, especially in the UAE, Jordan and Iraq, can help your business identify profitable ventures in the Middle Eastern markets.
  • Our resourceful local partners ensure that our endeavors are executed swiftly with greater chances of success.
  • Laval Technologies is very active in Iraq, offering unique industry insights to North American businesses and helping them tap lucrative business opportunities.
  • Our world-class solutions transcend language barriers and market ambiguity to create a robust, cost-effective, scalable and swiftly developing venture in the oil and gas industry.
  • We foster an excellent team of professionals and consultants who offer smart and practical solutions for your specific business requirements.

If your company is searching for local support in North America, we are the company to call. To know more about our local support services, get in touch with our professionals at Laval Technologies today.