Import & Export Facilitation

The Middle East is a fast emerging and lucrative market for businesses around the world, especially North America. Expanding your American-based business to the Middle East can be profitable and value-generating. However, there are several logistics-related issues you should consider when dealing with the tricky and demanding markets of the Middle East. One of the most important parts of a successful business venture is facilitating your shipment for import and export from the Middle Eastern markets.

Laval Technologies & Industrial Supplies Inc. offers top-notch import and export facilitation services to North America based companies expanding their business to the Middle East.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Understanding the importance of safe and timely deliveries, our professionals handle everything from customs documentation to safe shipping solutions. Laval Technologies leverages its experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure that your company’s shipment is handled in a safe, economical and reliable manner. All our import and export facilitation services are customized to your exact needs to ensure that both parties use minimum resources in terms of time, money and effort.

What Gives LAVAL the Edge?

Governments of Middle Eastern countries are extremely particular about the quality of products sold in their markets and that’s where our experience in working with these governments can be advantageous.

  • Laval works with Middle Eastern governments to ensure that your shipment matches the expected quality requirements.
  • We are well versed with the documentation and necessary paperwork you require to clear customs at the border.
  • Laval has worked with several organizations in the past years; assisting small and large international companies expand their horizons to Middle Eastern countries.
  • Our experience can reduce delivery costs and ensure that your shipment reaches the Middle Eastern markets within the specified timeframe.

Companies looking for lucrative business opportunities in the Middle East can benefit from our facilitation services. Our experience allows us to tread Middle Eastern markets with ease as we understand the stringent rules and requirements posed by these countries.

Our Import and Export Facilitation Services

We offer the following import/export facilitation services for the Middle Eastern countries:

  • Meticulous coordination of shipment delivery
  • Flexible payment and billing options
  • Collection of shipment at origin port
  • Custom arrangements for shipment clearance
  • Pre-clearance offered through customs availability

Expand your reach to the Middle Eastern markets with our excellent shipment services. To know more about our services, get in touch with our professionals today.