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The Middle East, Iraq in particular, is fast becoming a rewarding market for foreign companies. Having said that, doing business here comes with its own set of complexities. The post-conflict scenario also calls for careful planning before moving forward with your technology or industrial projects. Here where LAVAL Technologies & Industrial Supplies Inc. comes in. We provide professional consultation and advice to North American companies looking to explore business ventures in Middle Eastern countries.

Practical advice to help you make judicious decisions

Our boots-on-the-ground experience tells us that travel, accommodation, work visas and communication etiquette when interacting with local businessmen, are just a few of the other vital issues you must consider when doing business in the Middle East.

Discussions from ‘Iraq: Untapped Opportunities’, a Middle East Associations’ conference held in London in November ’11, point to several opportunities that foreign businesses can capitalize on to gain the trust and co-operation of local businesses. It is recommended that you have a solid plan of action on recruitment and training if you’re planning to involve the local workforce. This is because Iraqi workers are very appreciative of and eager to learn from the experience of foreign firms.

Fostering local partnerships will be easier when your company makes the effort to work harmoniously. Keep in mind that doing business with American companies is a sensitive issue; only when you act like you talk, will you be welcomed and supported whole-heartedly.

The conference also advices oil and gas companies not to kick-start large-scale operations in Middle Eastern markets without external advice. Logistics, training, technology, infrastructure and government regulations are a handful of the many issues that will need to be factored in.

Why rely on us?

Laval can advise you on the business and the engineering side of your intended venture. Our strong network of local partners and technology providers enables us to provide tailored, reliable suggestions to your problems. We have a thorough understanding of how business is conducted in the Middle East, the common challenges faced by companies in the oil&gas, electrical, petrochemical, water treatment and medical industries, and proven solutions to common problems. Whether you want to know about the business rules of engagement or figure out how to revamp the engineering side of your project, we – in collaboration with our partners – can provide expert assistance.

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