LAVAL to Attend Getenergy VTEC as Gold Sponsor

LAVAL Technologies will attend the 2013 Getenergy VTEC as a Gold Sponsor. A technical and vocational training blueprint for the oil, gas and unconventional energy industry, the Getenergy event is being held in Calgary, Canada from 26 – 28 March this year.

An Opportunity to Explore the Future of the Oil and Gas Industry

Getenergy is being promoted as a brand new initiative involving global participants to explore the future of ‘vocational and technical education and training’. The event’s focus is on the oil and gas industry which means that the participants will be learning more about opportunities in skill creation that are available for those aspiring to build a successful career in this niche. As part of the event, various training and education providers including polytechnics, colleges, and technical institutes will be showcased here. Providers from all over the world will be given a platform to highlight their offerings in the training and education field to demonstrate how they are fully equipped to create competent professionals who can play valuable roles in the oil and gas industry.

Why Should you Attend VTEC 2013?

As the first event to focus on the technical and vocational needs of the oil and gas industry, the VTEC 2013 event provides a unique perspective to industry players and professionals who want to build a career here. For businesses in this niche segment, the event will open up an unparalleled opportunity facilitating networking with various energy companies as well as educators from all over the world. Industry players will get an accurate picture of the talented and qualified workforce that will soon enter in the market once training is complete.

From a business operations perspective, the Getenergy 2013 event will also include a workshop and exhibition where successful business models will be demonstrated. Delegates will have the opportunity to understand the intricacies of each, learn which will work for them and also explore how they can be implemented in their own organizations. Effective practice ideas and systems can also be demonstrated at the event by delegates, thus bringing their businesses the right kind of attention from industry peers, leaders as well as new talent in the market.

As a business facilitator for North American and European companies desiring to do business in the Middle East, LAVAL Technologies and Industrial Supplies Inc is highly invested in the oil and gas industry. Attending this event as a Gold Sponsor will afford us the canvas to highlight our unique expertise and credentials to niche players.