LAVAL Introduces SOLDAMATIC Simulators in Iraq

LAVAL Technologies is the first company in Iraq to bring SOLDAMATIC welding simulators for training purposes. The training centre in Basra, Iraq provides virtual welding technologies, enabling students to learn industry best techniques and best practices with the help of this equipment. With this pioneering move, LAVAL has demonstrated exactly why it is the preferred partner for North American enterprises that are keen on expanding into Middle East markets. Our focus on state- of- art technologies and our commitment to wards developing top notch industry skills in trainees keeps us at the forefront of this industry.

SOLDAMATIC- An Effective Educational Technology Tool

SOLDAMATIC supports training and hands- on education in the three most commonly used welding techniques that are prevalent today- coated electrode, GTAW and GMAW. Until now, there has been no one single tool that can give aspiring welding professionals the right kind of exposure or training on all of these techniques. In effect, with the addition of SOLDAMATIC, our trainees have access to a cutting edge training tool that can set them head and shoulders above professionally qualified entrants coming into the employment market from elsewhere.

This highly innovative welding training tool not only has pedagogical value but also imparts the practical knowledge that puts students honing their skills on the SOLDAMATIC on the preferred list of employers.

Simulating Real Life Conditions for Effective Learning

One of the primary factors behind the effectiveness of SOLDAMATIC training is that with this tool students gain experience in an environment that mimics real life conditions very accurately. The trainees can gain welding skills through constant learning and re-training without exposing themselves to physical risk. For the training provider, the fact that SOLDAMATIC enables effective training at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods is a great advantage. The use of Augmented Reality (AR) makes SOLDAMATIC a most powerful educational tool in today’s welding industry.

User Friendly Educational Tool

SOLDAMATIC utilizes a virtual class format allowing the instructor to impart skills to students at remote locations as well. Since many students can be included in every teaching session without compromising on the quality of education or training, this is a very cost effective tool. Transporting this system is also very easy as it is very portable and also easy to install and use anywhere. Considering that this tool enables training in latest welding technologies without requiring a large investment, it is evident that SOLDAMATIC will soon become a most popular educational tool for welding professionals across the world.