LAVAL Completes Feasibility Study for Basra Chlor-Alkali Plant Project

LAVAL Technologies, partnered with Chemetics, completed a feasibility study for the Chlor-alkali Plant Project in Basra, Iraq. The project will be designed to produce 48 tpd sodium hydroxide as a 50% solution and co-produce chlorine and hydrogen. Chemetics has been supplying industry best chemical technology to process industries since its founding in 1964. This engineering design group is based in Vancouver, Canada. For the Basra plant feasibility study, several unique challenges needed to be taken into account. Partnering with Chemetic afforded us several special advantages that enabled an accurate feasibility study to be carried out for the project.

The Middle East- A Rewarding yet Challenging Market

The Middle East has long been the stronghold where oil and gas industries are concerned. The relationship between chlor-alkali and oil and gas dictates that these plants are located in close proximity to each other. The Middle East being the epicenter of the oil and gas industry with several oil deposits being concentrated in and around this country, it is evident that the location is prime for chlor-alkali plants to be established here. However, the political, environmental and other challenges in the Middle East make it a necessary step to carry out a thorough feasibility study before investing in any extraction and production facility here.

At LAVAL, our unique insight into this market and our vast experience with Middle East businesses help us determine the factors that will support the set up of a new plant. We understand the country’s unique problems as well as its advantages thoroughly. This knowledge allows us to determine the viability of a new business here with great accuracy.

Detailed Assessment of the Marketplace and Practical Work Aspects

At LAVAL, we are not only in the business of carrying out feasibility studies, we also offer local support services to North American and European companies that are keen on expanding in the Middle East. We have the familiarity with the market, an understanding of how the local businesses work and healthy relationships with key players in the Middle East market. These help us gain a practical view of the challenges new entrants will face here and also let us ease our clients into this market with the minimum of disruption.

Our focus on the practical aspects of the business, the viability of day- to day operations is invaluable to our clients. This helps them understand not only the challenges they may face during the start- up phase but also gives them a clear picture of the sustainability of the venture.