LAVAL adds Cut Section Models to Make Training more Effective

Laval Technologies has recently added cut sectional models for automobile and mechanical engineering students at its training facility in Basra, Iraq. These training tools make it very easy for trainees to understand the inner workings of critical auto parts. This understanding facilitates better learning and improves the students’s expertise with these engineering components.

Exposure to Cut Sectional Models Enhances Learning

Cut sectional models facilitate a thorough understanding of the working of an automobile component. Since these are actual cut away sections of the real systems that make the automobile function, there is no scope for misrepresentation and subsequent mismatch of what the student has learned and what he encounters when working in the field.

Many training institutes employ wooden models that are recreations of the real automobile system. However, these may not be the best way to impart training. The advantage that cut section models have over wooden models is that the construction details as well as working parts are exposed in the latter. The student can gain an understanding of exactly which parts come in contact with others and where wear and tear is most likely to happen. This cuts down the time taken to identify the problem in a real- life situation.

Access to Internal Working Parts Facilitates Better Teaching

Cut sectional models also have another advantage over one dimensional diagrammatic representations and recreated models. The instructor can access the inner components of the automobile system shown which may not be visible when the entire component is viewed. This allows the instructors to explain the function and working of each element of the system and how a malfunction in one element impacts the entire system as a whole. In effect, the use of these models makes our training much more effective because our students know exactly what each component comprises of, how it has been manufactured, where problems may occur and what problems originate from which inner elements.

LAVAL Offers World Class Training for Business Ventures

Our partnership with reputed and experienced training providers enables us to offer training programs that cater to client requirements perfectly. No matter what the nature of business you are involved in, we can create a training program that develops skills and imparts the learning to create a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce for your organization. Our focus is on smooth business communication for our partners with relationships and business associations in the Middle East and Iraq and towards this end we merge local content with international requirements in the most effective way.