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Local Support

Laval Technologies provides logistics support to companies in North America and Europe. Apart from connecting local companies with Middle Eastern markets, we also provide a range of local support services including logistics, planning, as well as technological support.



Laval has partnered with companies that have years of experience providing training to businesses. They understand and value the importance of constructive, disruption-free dialogue in sharing ideas, getting tasks done and ensuring that all business participants are on the same page.



The Middle East, Iraq in particular, is fast becoming a rewarding market for foreign companies. Having said that, doing business here comes with its own set of complexities. The post-conflict scenario also calls for careful planning before moving forward with your technology or industrial projects.


About Us

Headquartered in Montreal, LAVAL Technologies & Industrial Supplies Inc. is a Canadian company that enables North American enterprises to capitalize on the business potential in Middle East. With a focus on procurement logistics, training and life support services, Laval Technologies leverages its resources and partnerships to provide access to excellent markets for Canadian and American industrial products across diverse industries.

Laval Technologies enjoys the experience and vision of its founders who steer the company and its stakeholders in the direction of the profitable ventures. With our presence spanning UAE to Iraq to Jordan, with resourceful partners in each region, we are primed for swiftly initiating successful operations, greatly benefiting our North American as well as Middle Eastern clients.

Company News